Our History

     Adult Learning Programs of Alaska is a non-profit educational organization established in 1975 to provide adult basic education services to Fairbanks and the North Star Borough. As adult education programs in the state grew, Adult Learning Programs of Alaska became a regional program serving Interior Alaska. Adult Learning Programs of Alaska's adult education service area covers the Doyon Region. Through the late 70s and early 80s the agency provided adult education and employment and job readiness training. As an outgrowth of independent living skills taught through adult basic education, Adult Learning Programs of Alaska began delivering job coaching and job development services to persons experiencing developmental disabilities in the mid 1980s. In 1990 supported services added respite and residential support to its menu of services. Since that time the services have broadened yet again to encompass a wider array of disabilities including senior services coordination.

     Adult Learning Programs of Alaska has always focused on educational services to underserved populations. The job skills component has also been present throughout Adult Learning Programs of Alaska's history. The agency has long offered job readiness training through varied venues. It is a member of the Alaska Job Center Network which is a partnership of governmental and non-profit entities who partner services and leverage resources to better meet the employment needs of communities. Adult Learning Programs of Alaska maintains memoranda of agreement with many organizations and service providers throughout Fairbanks, the Interior, and State of Alaska to ensure quality service to those who access services at the agency. 


     Adult Learning Programs of Alaska is governed by a board of directors who volunteer their time and expertise to the organization. Each member of the board brings specific strengths and skills to the board and together the board represents a cross section of the community. 

Members serve three year terms. Current board members can be found under the Contact Us tab.

If you are interested in serving on the board of directors, please e-mail the Executive Director.  Your interest will be forwarded to the board president.

Agency Philosophy

Core Purpose - Educating for Life's Transitions

Mission Statement
To promote and provide goal-oriented, lifelong learning experiences to the residents of Interior Alaska by offering individualized services for personal, educational and career growth. 

We believe in:

SERVICE - Service to others is our reason for being.

COMMITMENT - Commitment to our mission is essential to our success.

RESPECT - Respect and dignity for all is the foundation for what we do.

EMPOWERMENT - Empowerment promotes self-determination at each stage of life.

SUPPORT - Support at all levels is essential to guiding professional and personal growth.

COLLABORATION/TEAMING/COOPERATION - Collaboration draws on the strengths of others and improves our ability to provide quality service.

DIVERSITY - We embrace our differences and celebrate our diversity.

SOCIAL JUSTICE - We offer equitable training and educational opportunities to all eligible participants.

INTEGRITY/HONESTY/PROFESSIONALISM - Quality service is driven by our high level of professionalism, integrity and honesty.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We are accountable to all of our stakeholders.