MASST Participant ManualMature Alaskans Seeking Skills Training  (MASST)


     The MASST program is designed to assist seniors with developing marketable job ready skills.  It is an                                                    opportunity to earn extra income while receiving part-time job site or educational training.  The program                                                                     also offers basic computer training and workshops to develop job search skills.  While in the program                                                                 seniors receive an hourly wage.

      If you are eligible, MASST can place you in a temporary, part-time work-training assignment, typically                                                                  20 hours a week at a host agency. Host Agencies are public or non-profit community organization such                                                                         as a senior center, social or public service agency, governmental agency, Native organization or an educational institution.

      Within this supportive environment, you can learn new skills, help your community and earn an income while continuing to seek a job with a private or public sector employer in your community. To assist you, Adult Learning Programs of Alaska partnerships with the Department of Labor Job Center to help you search for regular employment. 

      In these pages you will find a wealth of information about the MASST program.  Please choose one of the following:                        

     To be eligible participants of the MASST program MUST be Alaska residents, 55 years of age or older, unemployed, and of low to modest income.

      The Adult Learning Programs of Alaska MASST program is located in the old IBEW building at 60 Hall Street.  To contact by phone, call (907) 452-6434 ex 223 or toll free 1-866-452-6434.